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Colleet Glow-LT+

Colleet Glow-LT+

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Are you currently experiencing any of the following concerns?:
- Uneven skin tone
- Dull skin
- Acne scars / acne-prone skin
- Pigmentation
- Dry skin

COLLEET GLOW-LT+ skin supplement is here to help! Just 2 sachets everyday with good water intake, many customers see results in just 21 days!

Backed by science and nutritionist, this beauty supplement that brightens, moisturises & rejuvenates. Bringing your skin to an optimal condition

🤍 High purity Glutathione of 98%
🤍 Premium ingredients from France & Japan (including patented ones!)
🤍 No added preservatives, artificial coloring & sweeteners
🤍 SGS Certified, Vegan-friendly & Cruelty-free
🤍 Individual sachets, pocket-friendly - easy to bring around
🤍 AFFORDABLE: Only $4 per day for intensive treatment
🤍 Powdered form - easier absorption
🤍 Specially formulated by R&D experts and backed by science
🤍 Manufactured by a renowned lab in Taiwan - certified by NSF, ISO22000, ISO9001, HACCP, GMP and FDA

🌟Brightening, promotes radiance & evens out skin tone
🌟Lighten acne scars & pigmentation
🌟Natural Sunscreen to Shield against UVA & UVB
🌟PROMOTES collagen production [do not contain collagen]
🌟Powerful antioxidants
🌟Strengthen the immune system [litchi seed 30x higher than Vitamin C]
🌟Prevents hangover [drink it before/after your alcohol!]

Tear open the sachet, pour it into your mouth
(high powder content, be careful of choking!)

Intensive treatment: 2 sachets daily (1x before breakfast, 1x before bed)
Maintenance: 1x before breakfast

MIX & MATCH WITH BEAVI9 for greater savings!

1 for $69 | 2 for $131 | 4 for $234 | 8 for $442

1 box contains 30 sachets (2 weeks treatment)
Recommendation: 2 boxes for 21 days cycle
After achieving desired results, 1 box gives you 1 month treatment

Glucose, Blueberry Juice Powder, N-acetyl-D-glucosamine, Fermented torula yeast extract (Glutathione), Citric acid, DL-Malic acid, Silicon dioxide, Rakanka extract, Berry complex extract (Grape, Blueberry, Cranberry, Prune, Cherry, Bilberry, Strawberry), Litchi seed extract, Compound plant extract (Grape seed extract, Vitamin C, Maltodextrin, Zinc Oxide, Melon concentrate), Rice essence


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