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CICI OSMY Probiotics Breath Spray (by SOM1)

CICI OSMY Probiotics Breath Spray (by SOM1)

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Meeting a client or important guest after a meal or after a puff?

Going on a date but afraid of stench in your breath?

Introducing an affordable breath spray - CICI OSMY

MOUTH SPRAY (~170 sprays)

Available in mint 🌿 & peach 🍑

🤍 Contain probiotics
🤍 Mini & portable
🤍 Able to manage with one hand - swivel type of opening
🤍 Natural & mild ingredients

🔹 Cetopyroxine (CPC antibacterial factor)
🔹 Persimmon Extract (Target the decomposition of sulfide; Block odour)
🔹 Xyritol (Prevent dental caries; Freshen breath)
🔹 Peppermint/Menthol (Gives a fresh breath)

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